Wind spinners are facinating gifts made out of wind, metal and glass that add color and motion to a porch, yard or garden..  Optical Illusion Spinners add a splash of color to the outdoors, along with mesmerizing movement and plenty of style.  Just sit and watch the mesmerizing show of dimension and light as the decorative spinner shimmers in the sun.  Layers create an eye-catching kaleidoscope effect when it spins, creating a colorful optical illusion that’s hypnotic!  Everyone will love this unique garden decor that catches the breeze for mesmerizing motion.  Intricate shapes and layers of rotating metal and glass create a stunning effect in the sun and any breeze sends the bidirectional rotors into a whirlwind of spin for an amazing display of art in motion.  A spinner is pretty any time, in motion or still, and provides visual variety to your flower beds.

Give a gift of wind spinners for garden decor or landscape art!

Metal Spectrum Wind Spinner with Decorative Stand - Sun
Copper Lily Wind Spinner
Hanging Glass Beaded Metal Optical Illusion Spinner
Metal Wisp Wind Spinner With Glowing Glass Orb
Angel Chime Garden Spinner
Large Wind Spinner with Three Spinning Flowers